Many materials are available from Sterling Wire Products — we can shape and cut a variety of wire from low carbon C1008 wire to high carbon C1075, oil tempered MB, chrome silicon, stainless steel, red metals including copper and brass, and high nickel alloys like Inconel, Monel, Elgiloy, and MP35N. This materials list comprises many of our available alloys, and we can quote others that are not shown upon request. Please call us if you need help choosing an alloy for your application!

C1006 302 Inconel® 6001 Copper 102
C1008 303 Inconel® 6251 Copper 110
C1010 304 Inconel® X7501 Brass 260
C1015 304L Monel® K5001 Phos Bronze 510
C1022 310 Monel® 4001 Aluminum 5052
C1035 316 MP35N Aluminum 5056
C1038 321 Elgiloy Aluminum 6061
C1060 330 Hastelloy® C2763  
C1065 347 Incoloy® 8001  
C1075 410 Incoloy® 8251  
C12L14 416 Carpenter® 204  
C1215 420 Nickel 200  
Hard Drawn MB (HDMB) 430 Nitronic®2  
Oil Tempered MB (OTMB) 17-7 A286®1  
Chrome Silicon      
Valve Quality Chrome Silicon      
Chrome Vanadium      
Valve Quality Chrome Vanadium      
Music Wire      
Galvanized C1008      
Galvanized Music Wire, Preco Z      
Galvanized Hard Drawn MB      

1 Trademark of Special Metals Corporation.
2 Trademark of Armco, Inc.
3 Trademark of Haynes International, Inc.
4 Trademark of Carpenter Technology Corporation

WE SHAPE WIRE – exactly how you need it. If standard products won't do the job, be sure to let us know what you require. We are experts at custom jobs and welcome the challenge of your demanding application. Ask Us First